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Library is an institution that supports the Malaysian Rubber Board in carrying out research by providing source of quality and effective information. Below please find the suitable link.

Library Online Catalogue

23 Jul 2019

Malaysian Rubber Board Library OPAC


Patents and Standards

23 Jul 2019

Access to patents and standards provided around the world.

Information Purchase and Document Delivery

26 Apr 2011

The library facilitates the acquisition of bibliographic materials for the official use of and retention of officers and staff of the MRB by purchase of information materials (book, journals and e-journals, articles, audio-visual materials, etc.) for official purposes only. The library also facilitates interlibrary loan among local libraries for information materials not available in its collection.


The MRB Library uses the resources of local libraries first before sending the requests to information suppliers overseas. As charges from foreign information suppliers range from £12 (RAPRA or the British Library) to US$33 per article, limits for purchase may be imposed per person. 

Library Instruction & Information Skills

06 Apr 2011

The Library Orientation and Instruction Programme extends the role of the Library's Reference Desk in ensuring that Library users make the most effective use of the Library.

The programme is designed to educate staff in locating and using appropriate print and/or electronic information sources for their information needs. This service is available on an individual or group basis. The programme consists of:


a)     Library tour (where things are) & introduction to Reader Privileges


b)     Introduction to the Library Online Catalogue, RiOS and The Knowledge Portal.


c)     General search strategy development and specific search techniques.


d)     Electronic journals and databases

Library Membership

07 Mar 2011

Categories and fee.