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Frequently Asked Questions



How many books can I borrow with my library card?


The loan entitlements for the various categories of membership. Staff can borrow books up to 15 titles while corporate members can borrow up to 2 titles only.


What should I do in the event of a loss or theft of my staff/student/membership card?


Please report the loss or theft of your card immediately to the Library. The report has to be made in-person at the Membership Counter. We will block your account to prevent any misuse. You will be responsible for any misuse of the card during the period that the loss/theft is not reported. If the card is subsequently found, please come personally with your card and request the Library to unblock your account. In addition to reporting to the respective offices to obtain a replacement for lost card.


What happens if my loan is overdue?


When books on loan are not returned by the due date, reminders will be sent to your email frequently.


How do I report the loss or theft of my library book?


You can report your loss or theft to the MRB Library.






What is an Inter Library Loan?


Inter Library Loan or as it is known as Document Delivery Service (DDS) are requests for materials not available in your home library. If MRB Library does not own a book or journal from which an article is required by a user, our DDS unit can get it for you from another libraries.