Journal of Rubber Research

The JRR is a peer-reviewed international journal covering topics of interest to all those researching and working on all aspects of rubber. The journal is devoted to natural rubber and its related sciences, publishing articles from around the world, presenting results of major research from all rubber sciences. Readers are primarily rubber scientists in academia and governmental institutions as well as people within the rubber industry fraternity.

In order to offer more visibility to articles published in the Journal of Rubber Research (JRR), the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) has established a strategic partnership with Springer Link. Starting in 2017 and upcoming issues, articles published on JRR will be available on the Springer Link’s website via the link: SPRINGER LINK


1928 − 1976 = Journal of Rubber Research Institute of Malaya

1977 − 1985 = Journal of Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia/RRIM Journal

1986 − 1997 = Journal of Natural Rubber Research

1998 - Latest = Journal of Rubber Research


Volumes/Issues for 1959

Contents Type Price
Author : Burkill, H.M.
Title : Large scale variety trials of Hevea brasiliensis Muell-Arg. on Malayan Estates 1934-53.
Year : 1959    Volume : 16    Issue : 1    Page No: 1 - 37
Author : Gale, R.S.
Title : A survey of factors involved in an experimental study of the drying of sheet rubber.
Year : 1959    Volume : 16    Issue : 1    Page No: 38 - 64