Standard test methods - necessity for global rubber industries
Standard test methods - necessity for global rubber industries
Norlee Ramli; Ratna Sari Dewi Dasril; Muhammad Syaarani Danya; Kartini Abdul Rahim; Yusniwati Mohamed Yusof; Farinie Sharatol Ahmad Shah
M’sian Rubb Technol Dev (2018) 18(2):47-49
Standard test methods are widely used by industrial laboratories to establish performance criteria, to assess conformance to a requirement and to solve problems. In any discussion concerning the development of any of the various types of standards, the inevitable question is; why do we need standards? There are several reasons to this question. In relation to testing, standards provide consistent way to evaluate the quality or characteristics of rubber or products, so that the end user can be assured that irrespective of the laboratory that performs the testing, the results received will be within the acceptable statistical range for the material. In other words, the same result (within the statistical bounds of the standards) will be obtained irrespective of where the sample was tested, as long as the established protocol is followed. The second point is where the controversy starts. Standardising the testing methods, material specifications, standards of practices, etc, allows to continuous innovation. Standardising those areas allows concentration on the development of new materials and new ideas of application due to the first point above. In other words, with standardisation, one does not have to concentrate on explaining variations in results of different testing methods for the same characteristic. Of course, this is predicated on the understandings that the standards are being followed as written.
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